Zakât Al Maal

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Zakat Al Maal is the obligatory alms that every Muslim pays annually under the rules of solidarity established by Islam. The word "Zakat" is often translated into French as "purifying legal alms".

Third pillar of Islam (after the attestation of faith and prayer), associated with the second pillar that is prayer in many verses of the Koran. Zakât is indeed an obligation for every Muslim with a minimum wealth1, called Nissâb.

The Nissab2 is the minimum fortune beyond which the acquittal of Zakah is obligatory. In 2024, the Nissab in Switzerland is estimated at approximately 5200 CHF.

Each lunar year, every Muslim must pay 2.5% of the total amount of his property (fortune) as long as the amount remained higher than the Nissab.

To fulfill Zakât Al Maal, one must proceed to a very simple calculation. Just multiply the amount of wealth by 0.025 (2.5% of the total). Example: I have 6,000 CHF after one year. The amount of Zakât Al Maal to pay is therefore: 6000 x 0.025 = 150 CHF3.

With our fund dedicated to Zakat, your donation will reach, quickly and safely, the eight categories of beneficiaries of Zakat designated by the Qur'anic verse (Quran Surah 9, Verse 60).

The collected Zakat will be used to set up assistance programs for people in emergency situations (refugees, displaced persons, disaster victims) and people in need of sustainable help to rebuild their lives (indebted, needy or poor students).

1- Species, precious metals, savings books, bank deposits, bank securities, crops, livestock, fees, bonuses, gratuities and bonuses, inheritances, miscellaneous income such as rentals of real estate. Land, buildings, buildings (not for sale), furniture, clothes, cars, mortgages and personal jewellery are not subject to Zakat al-mal.
2- It corresponds to the equivalent of 85 grams of gold (595 grams of silver for the Hanafite school).
3- Another way to do this is to divide the amount saved by 40.