GAZA EMERGENCY: Your help is needed now for the victims!

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It is with horror that we are witnessing the intensification of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has never been so violent on either side.

The Foundation has always intervened on behalf of the civilian population, which continues to pay the heaviest price. For more than 16 years, the Gazan population has been living under a blockade that has impoverished them and destroyed all the key sectors of the enclave.

The Gaza Strip has the highest population density in the world and no-one is safe anywhere. The number of victims is increasing at an appalling rate, and unfortunately children are among the worst affected. The territory is completely surrounded; electricity, water and gas are cut off. The food available is in danger of running out very quickly, and famine is a serious threat in this conflict, which sadly promises to last.

The Foundation is mobilising to help the victims and is asking for your help in providing them with emergency aid: food, drinking water, clothing, hygiene products, blankets, etc.

Thank you for your generosity.

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