Programme: Ensuring Access to Education

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Education is key to a successful life, a developed society and a peaceful world.

Our Foundation works to promote access to education for the most underprivileged under humane conditions where they have access to structured, successful and dignified schooling.  It pays particular attention to the issue of access to education and training for women in Palestine who are faced with a combination of handicaps that prevent them from being autonomous.

Education in Palestine:
The leading figure for education in Palestine: 95.4% of children are enrolled in school - a remarkable figure considering the tragic situation in the country. However, Palestinian pupils and students encounter many obstacles that prevent them from attending school serenely: poverty, violence, restrictions on freedom of movement, various crises... According to UNICEF, 25% of boys and 7% of girls drop out of school at the age of 15. Obstacles are even heavier for children with disabilities since more than 22% of boys and 30% of girls are simply not schooled.

When they more or less manage to reach university level, the difficulties become mainly financial, since they have to pay exorbitant fees: almost a third of students are forced to drop out of school because they do not have sufficient resources to pay such fees.

Our programme for quality education is based on 3 axes: 

  1. Material aid for needy pupils and schools: distribution of school backpacks and school supplies, installation of drinking water tanks, rehabilitation of sanitary facilities, installation of playgrounds, supply of medical equipment (hearing aids, eyeglasses, wheelchairs...) or computer equipment...Right now: support our 2020-2021 Back-to-School Project and help us provide 300 Palestinian pupils in Gaza with the school materials they need in order to succeed: I want to help Palestinian children succeed in school.
  2. At the university: our Foundation works in favour of students in debt and those at the end of their studies in order to help them obtain their degree by financing part of their university fees: Support our Student Aid Project
  3. Training for people who have dropped out of school and/or have left the academic curriculum and people who have not been trained or have not graduated: Project in preparation

What we have accomplished together in 2019:

CHF 31,750 raised

414 pupils and students supported

101 hearing aids and eyeglasses

300 school backpacks and school supplies

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