About us

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation seeks to be a link of solidarity between suffering people on the one hand, and women and on the other, men dedicated to justice and sensitive to human distress, who wish to make a concrete contribution to alleviating such suffering.

Our Objectives

  • Help the poor, the sick, the handicapped, the orphans and the underprivileged pupils, notably in the Palestinian occupied territories.
  • Establish and manage medical and educational centres, and support projects that protect the environment as well as sustainable development.
  • Perform and encourage voluntary work related to the above-mentioned objectives.

Our values

Our projects are conducted in accordance with our values which are:

  • Solidarity with the most disadvantaged regardless of origin, religion or race.
  • Respect for human dignity.
  • Valorisation of the skills and know-how of beneficiary communities.
  • Independence and professionalism in the execution of our projects
  • Rigor, integrity and transparency in the management of donations

Our action fields

Our humanitarian projects cover various areas in close collaboration with local partners :
child sponsorship, economic development assistance, emergency assistance, food assistance, medical assistance and school assistance.

Child Sponsorship

Our sponsorship program provides regular financial support to orphaned children in Palestine in order to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way.

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Economic Development Assistance

Carry out a series of programmes aimed at generating revenue, notably in the agricultural sector.


Emergency Assistance

Provide prompt vital assistance (food parcels, medical care, and reconstruction of destroyed houses, sheltering families…) to victims of armed conflicts and natural catastrophes.


Food Assistance

Fight hunger and malnutrition by helping poor families, especially during the fasting month of Ramadan and the Day of Sacrifice of Aid Al Adha.


Medical Assistance

Work to consolidate medical infrastructure by providing medical equipment and medicine in particular.


School Assistance

Our objective for the school year is to offer to a maximum of students school kits through the companion « a schoolbag, a hope for a better future ». A donation of 40 CHF offers a Palestinian schoolboy from a deprived family a schoolbag full of supplies and a new school uniform.