Tighter Roofs Against Cold and Rain

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Winter is harsh for the residents of Nahr el-Bared, a neighbourhood in the Khan Younes area of the southern Gaza Strip. Nahr el-Bared camp is known as one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the Gaza Strip. Nahr el-Bared means "the cold river" and is so named because it is located in a low-lying area where temperatures are also low.

More than a hundred families live in this slum camp overlooked by a huge garbage dump. These families live in dilapidated houses, most of them made of sheet metal, surrounded by rubbish, which do not protect them from the cold, the heat or the stench. Inside, it's a state of total destitution: no floor covering, the families live on the sand; no electricity or water; no doors or windows. During the rainy season, the houses turn into sieves and flooding is common. Every corner of these houses bears witness to the poverty and desperation of the thousands of people they pretend to shelter.

Hard hit by unemployment, families have neither the financial capacity nor the right to repair their homes because the camp is located on public land.

In addition to the fact that these houses do not allow for dignified living conditions, they also encourage the spread of epidemics and diseases of all kinds. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to these health risks.

It is simply inhuman to remain indifferent to this unbearable situation.

Therefore, the Foundation wishes to help these families and is launching an emergency project to provide them with nylon tarpaulins to seal the openings in the roofs and walls of their houses to protect them from the cold and rain.

With your support, we will be able to help these families spend the winter in warm and dry conditions.

By donating CHF 70, you will help a whole family to be protected not only from the cold and rain but also from health risks. You will thus be offering them a humane and dignified living environment.

Support our project for the families of Nahr el-Bared in Gaza. Make a donation now.

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