Support for people with stomach cancer in Gaza

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Help us ease the daily hardship of stomach cancer patients in Gaza

For a person with stomach cancer, living with an ostomy is hard enough. But it becomes even more unbearable if they live in Gaza and have to spend a fortune to pay for treatment equipment.

More than 500 people in Gaza are diagnosed with cancer of the digestive system every year, requiring surgery.
The colon is at the end of the digestive system and is connected to the rectum, which is connected to the anus. Surgery can sometimes interrupt the connection between the digestive system and the anus. For this reason, an external faecal and urinary pathway through an abdominal outlet is essential.
When an abdominal connection is necessary, an ostomy pouch must ensure the collection of the body's waste (stool and urine).  The pouch must be changed 1 to 3 times a day. This treatment can be temporary - between 4 to 6 weeks of follow-up - or permanent.

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation intends to help people with cancer of the digestive system by covering the costs of the operation. The daily cost of ostomy bags is usually too high for a person living in Gaza.
The daily cost of equipment and treatment is 45 shekels, which is equivalent to about CHF 13. Per month, this amounts to about CHF 400. This is clearly an expense that a person living in Gaza, where the average salary is around CHF 200, cannot afford.

Supporting our project means easing the financial difficulties and distress of these ill and fragile people. But it is also and above all to allow them to live with more serenity and to make their hard life softer and more peaceful.

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